The future in the present

Production and storage area in of Europe

Stachovice HUB - the 100% Czech private company mcePharma's state‑of-the-art premises located in the Czech Republic.

Our facility offers a unique and automated "All in one place" approach, providing unparalleled services and quality solutions for companies seeking outsourcing options in the pharma, food, personal care, human, and animal nutrition industries.

Current Projects at Stachovice HUB:

  • - Production of powder blends (pharma, food, vet quality)
  • - Production of food and pet supplements
  • - Sampling and repacking of pharma, food, and personal care products
  • - Warehousing (GDP) and global logistics services
  • - R&D of food supplements, functional blends, and baby foods
  • - Comprehensive services from concept to delivery for nutraceuticals, food, and nutrition products

These projects highlight our diverse range of activities, showcasing our different expertise, all under one roof.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Europe, in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic, our location offers excellent connectivity to major transportation corridors.

At Stachovice HUB, we represent a new generation of multifunctional organizations, characterized by flexibility, efficiency, predictability, innovation, and strong customer‑oriented approach. Join us to experience the convenience and effectiveness of having everything in one place with cutting‑edge solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

  • Total area 15 418 m²
  • Number of pallet placesup to 5  000
  • Availability from the highway D1 2 km